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Mark your calendar for July, 2020 OA  CONVENTION

It’s not too early to make a plan to attend OA Convention in Omaha, NE during July 2020. This bi-annual convention has been a great place to meet other strong members in recovery. We will be able to drive from Wichita, and we expect several car loads to attend. Mark your calendars. The exact dates will be forthcoming.

2020 Recovery Event

They are searching for people to produce art for the 2020 Region 4 Convention in Omaha, Ne.  Deadline is April 1st. Please see the flier for more information.

2020 Vision through Recovery Flier

Support needed for smaller meetings:

The Region 4 Board has been considering the support needs of our smaller meetings. As a result of our discussions, we are going to try something new. We would like to find ways to get recovering members from all over our Region to call into some of our smaller meetings.  We are starting with one meeting to see how it works before launching it more broadly.

The Strategic Operating Plan theme for 2019 is Growing OA Membership Worldwide.  Supporting smaller meetings is one way to help grow recovery, and I contend that – within a meeting – recovery begets recovery.

spearfish, SD  Monday 6:30 PM 1-515-604-9776  Access code 383321 #

I have attached a flyer for our Spearfish South Dakota meeting.  Spearfish flier Currently it has one or two members attending it.  It is a Monday evening meeting and they welcome callers to join there meeting.  Please take a look at the flyer and see if you can call in – even occasionally.  And let your Regional Reps  know if you have any feedback about this program – good or bad.


OA C.A.R.E.S.  Committed to Action for Recovery, Encouragement, and Support

The OA C.A.R.E.S. correspondence program was created to establish a network of support for
compulsive eaters who are incarcerated. By describing how OA has affected your life, you can help deliver
OA’s Twelve Step program of recovery directly to those in need. Volunteers share the very essence of our program—one compulsive overeater reaching out to another.
Guidelines have been developed to help facilitate your correspondence by suggesting ways
to adhere to OA Principles and comply with special requirements established by the participating
institutions. Please adhere to these guidelines in all your correspondence.
Your letter should share your experience, strength, and hope about the problems associated with
compulsive eating. When discussing your experience, remember to focus on the solutions you found by
working the OA program. The hope of our program lies in the recovery we have found through the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions.  For more information go  to and see OA C.A.R.E.S. for WSO contact information.


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